"The #ChooseHappy Booklet: How To Live A Happy Life" is the first booklet from The Positivity Network. It was written for you to refer to when you need a reminder on how to choose happiness.

About Mark M. Smeltzer & The Positivity Network
Mark M. Smeltzer is an actor, writer, and self proclaimed "orange-loving vegan". Originally from Wenatchee, WA, Mark's passion for citrus and creativity led him to relocate to Los Angeles in 2019. Whether he's recording voice overs, shooting videos, or sitting around drumming up or writing down ideas, his enthusiasm and high energy helps shape the lives of every person he meets. He loves to make others feel good, think hard, and question more. But above all else, he LOVES to make others laugh.

He created his vision of The Positivity Network while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta in December of 2018. TPN is a network where people can read, listen, watch, and learn how to #ChooseHappy and be more positive. What started out as an idea quickly evolved into this very booklet. The #ChooseHappy movement was born from Mark's desire to be better, more accountable, to stay positive, and #ChooseHappy. If you're ready to manifest a better life and change the world, then congratulations! Welcome to The Positivity Network.

The #ChooseHappy Booklet - How To Live A Happy Life


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